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Glatt WST- 120 – Fluid Bed Dryer and top Spray Granulator


Used Glatt Powder Coater/Granulator/Dryer, Model WST 120 Unit was manufactured in 1982 but has been upgrade at Ciba Geigy when purchased at PTS and was only used for one product only: Maximum working volume: 120 litre top spray, 7. Temperature range: -10° to +60°C a separate control panel, an air handling unit, machine tower and an exhaust fan. Comes with two granulation bowls. Unit is explosion proof, (pneumatically operated) and is designed to accommodate drying, granulation, coating, operations all in one piece of equipment. Unit comes complete and is available for immediate delivery.


Glatt Fluid Bed  (entire unit with explosion valves and duct work)


Air Handling Unit- entire unit, steam heating


Exhaust Fan



Unit is dismantled and can be loaded – spare parts are including, and full schematic (attached), SOPs and validation protocols and reports can be provided.  A spray gun is available for extra cost of $ 5000


Also attached pages from manual for the machine specification


FOB St. Louis MO

Terms and Conditions are attached

Terms are 50% Down, 50% Prior to Shipment

Fluid Bed Dryer and top Spray Granulator - USED

SKU: Glatt WST 120 UE Fluid Bed Dryer
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