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Manufacturer: Zanchetta
Model Roto G600-0042, Mfg. date 1989, used only about 4 years
600 Liter explosion bowl
Features a 32/22 Kilowatt 2 Speed Motor Driving The Main Sweep Impeller (Driven FromBelow)
Telescopic Top Entering High Speed Chopper (Pneumatic),
Ideal For High Shear Dry Powder Mixing & Highly Homogenous Wet Granulation,
Lid Operates Hydraulically,
Self Contained Spray System (Spray tank and delivery system not included)
Pneumatic Discharge Valve,
Stainless Steel, cGMP Construction,
Free Standing Control Panel
Operates on 480 V, 60 HZ 3 phase, motors are explosion controlled (can be modified toother power systems)
Loading the equipment is manual, with a hoist platform, but the machine platform (see asinstalled pic) is load bearing and can hold operators on it
The control panel has an ammeter and programmable spray and operating system (currentlyidled) as it is lot easier to operate the machine with manual recordings.
Lid etc, are pneumatic controlled
Unit is not jacketed but has thick enough was to prevent heat transfer

High Shear Granulator - Zanchetta Roto-G - USED

SKU: Zanchetta Roto-G UE G600L
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